Today will never come again

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    Lakshi S. Gunawardena
    සාමය සහ ගැටුම් නිරාකරණය
    හතරවන වසර

As human beings, we all intend to lead a good healthy lifestyle. Although our desires are completely different from each other, we need the same needs to exist on this planet. We all know that those requirements are called basic needs. Due to the lack of these basic components, people face many problems and become victims all over the world. When it becomes a protracted social problem, it can be a threat to social fabrication. Today they have caused many disasters and even at this moment we hear all that in the media. Although we do not know it, the earth rotates. Things happen as usual. At a glance you can see, people are terrified, some others wage wars upon tyranny, they are producing military equipment for it, the refugee population is increasing, the virus-infected death are increasing, the cost of living is rising, and the world economy is under threat. Now things are happening at an uncontrollable pace.

From time immemorial people have been searching for lasting peace to breathe freely without fear or doubt. As mentioned by me, the question that comes to my mind is whether we can see a world free from violence. Certainly, it is unpredictable. In our lifetime we will never be able to reach a certain endpoint. Everything is getting worse. So, it is more important to get used to being satisfied with what you get than to look for the best. Because this may be the most wonderful opportunity you have ever had. Every second that passes is uncleared. This is not the time for revenge, but the time to embrace one another. There is no time to wait for someone to pledge to heal us because no one knows what will happen next. You have to start it yourself. Start where you left off! Go to your loved ones! Be a role model for the next generation! Laugh together! Because "peace begins with a smile."