‎Holy breath

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    Kokila Hemakumara
    සාමය සහ ගැටුම් නිරාකරණය
    හතරවන වසර

One day,
A young man
want to breathe holy air
He started his journey
To find the holy air
Passed villages towns cities and states
Forests valleys deserts and mountains
also the oceans and continents.
Asked from the people who met him
"Where can I find the holy air? "
No one knew
One day,
He met an old man
"It is in the God's place"
Old man said.
He was happy
After crossing so many hard boundaries
Finally, he reached the place of god
He looked straight
Closed his eyes
And the image of the god
was drawn in his heart
But suddenly,
He heard a great sound like a heavy blasting
At the same time,
The lament of the people
The whole area
was covered by the smoke
He was standing and looked around
Crying sufferings shouting begging and screams
were everywhere
He saw death infants
Legless soldiers with bleeding bodies.
"Hello! young man", At once, he heard a weak voice under him
He looked at the earth and saw a bloodied heart
He was excited.
"Who are you? " he asked.
"I am your god" replied.
He saw his body next to the red heart.